Discounted Will

Is your partner featured in your Will? Do you even have a Will?

Purchase a Cohabitation Agreement NOW and you'll receive your completed Last Will and Testament at an EXCLUSIVE Special Offer price of £10 (usually £39). This quick, simple and affordable Will solution allows you to change your Will whenever you want, and as many times as you require, COMPLETELY FREE.

If you are expecting a significant change in lifestyle you will probably want to make a new Will. Your Last Will and Testament is a vital legal document, so it is important that your Will is prepared correctly.

Often, during an exciting change of circumstances the thought of changing the details in your Will can be the furthest thing from your mind. If you want to change the details of your Will now is the time to do it.

Without a Will, in the event of anything happening to you, your spouse might not get anything even though you live together because the law does not look upon cohabiting couples in the same light as married couples.

Make sure have protected you assets and secured the future for your loved ones if the worst case scenario ever happened, by having a legally binding Will drafted with us at the discounted cost of just £10.

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