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You may not realise this but living together does not give you the same rights as a married couple. Therefore, both your futures can be at risk. If the worst was to happen (i.e. death of a spouse) then the survivor is not legally entitled to have any say over what happens to the other partner’s finances, possessions or even the property you lived in. Regardless of how long you have been together.

You can fully understand how to protect yourself and those you love most, simply by reading this comprehensive eGuide. This advice-filled guide covers every aspect of cohabitation agreements including:

The Essential Guide to Cohabitation Agreements Jayne McGill ©2005

  • "The 6 Golden Rules of Cohabitation Agreements"
  • What will happen to the house you live in
  • Who should organise and pay for any home improvements
  • How will your possessions and assets be divided
  • Who should pay the mortgage
  • What will happen to joint accounts
  • Who will be responsible for clearing debts
  • And much, much more…

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