Remarrying After a Divorce

Divorce can leave people feeling shattered. It is common for people to view divorce as not only a marriage failure but also a personal failure. People feel very hurt and frustrated after divorce because it is not easy to see an end to a relationship that you thought would last forever.

The decision to marry is always a tough one. However, the decision may be tougher for people who are considering remarrying after a divorce.

When people remarry after a divorce, they are usually wiser and aware of the usual pitfalls. However, they are also aware that their marriage may or may not be a ‘forever and ever’ story. This realisation can make people somewhat sceptical about the success of their marriage even when they are sure about their new partner.

In many cases, people complain of feeling pessimistic about their second marriage even when they want to feel optimistic. Therefore, people tend to deal with a different set of emotional issues altogether when they marry after a divorce.

Why Do People Remarry?

With the rapid rise in cohabitation arrangements, why would people want to remarry? It is common for people to marry the second time or even the third. After all, why would people want to remarry when there are several other easier relationship options available?

There may be several reasons for this; when people marry, they are aware of the security and love that marriage brings along with it. The sense of belonging that people tend to experience in a marriage is very strong.

Married people know they can depend on their partner whenever and wherever. The emotional comfort experienced in a marriage far outweighs the advantages of being single.

Many people feel more financially better off when they are married. In fact, recent studies have proved that married people are more financially stable than their unmarried or divorced counterparts.

There are times, when people remarry for the sake of companionship. This is especially true for older couples who have no sexual motive to enter into a marriage.

Divorce and Remarriage

Marriage, as an institution, is not what it used to be. People these days are aware of the high divorce rates. In fact, one in every two marriages in UK ends in divorce. In addition, more than 25% of these marriages end within the first ten years of marriage.

These days, people are aware that their marriage stands a very good chance of ending up at the doorstep of divorce lawyers. However, when people decide to marry again after their divorce, they are more aware of this reality.

This realisation does not mean that your second marriage will also end up in a divorce court. However, this realisation helps people to become more cautious and avoid the usual marriage pitfalls.

It is not easy to give love another chance after a heartbreak. It is even tougher to trust a new partner when your trust has taken a beating due to a previous failure. However, the good thing about remarrying after a divorce is people become more aware of what they want – out of their marriage as well as their new partner.

In addition, people also become more sensitive to marital issues. Therefore, people may have a higher chance of making their second marriage work. Having said that, it does not mean that you should make a hasty decision to get married again.

It is of the utmost importance that you exert caution while weighing the pros and cons of this decision while keeping in mind how you intend to protect your assets, especially if you have children from a previous marriage. Make sure that you and your new partner are on the same page when it comes to understanding asset division for your children from previous marriage.

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