Pros and Cons of Cohabitation


  • Next logical step

    In a serious relationship you will reach a point at which you begin to feel that you should take the next step towards validating the growth of your relationship. In today’s day and age, where living together without entering into a legal marriage is not even blinked at, moving in together is seen to be the next step on from dating in the progression of a relationship.

  • Chance to get to Know Your Partner

    Living together is now seen as a “trial run” before getting married. It provides a chance to get to know each other’s living habits before you make the extra commitment and become a married couple. The thought is that if a couple spends some time living together before marriage they will know whether or not the relationship can go the distance before they make the commitment to marry and, in theory, they will not get any nasty suprises.

  • Get to spend more time with the person you love

    When in a loving relationship, especially during the early stages of a relationship, a couple often wants to spend as much time together as possible. Living together can give you a chance to have meals together, share a bed and snuggle up on cosy nights in – all of which are desirable prospects when you are sharing your life with someone you love.

  • Financial Benefits

    Moving in together can often be with motivation to make a monetary saving. Two single people living alone pay two separate sets of bills, rent or mortage and general living costs. Living with a partner you are enjoying a relationship with can be an attractive prospect when the impact it would have on monthly expenses is considered. Usually one partner would move into the home of the other partner. This could mean just one rent payment or mortgage payment a month, or if both partners own their own properties, one could rent out their property thus formulating another source of income. Individuals may also be able to save money that they spent during dating, on fuel and phone bills.

  • Learn about other person resopnsibility

    As well as the general living habits of your partner, living together can allow you an insight into your partners sense of responsibility. If two people have totally different views and attitudes towards the level of responsibility one should uphold in general day-to-day life, this can have a significant bearing of the success of the relationship. For example, one partner who is meticulous about paying bills on time may have trouble comprehending or accepting a relaxed attitude. Living together can give you a chance to realise these differences and make a decision on whether or not you can live with these before marriage.

  • Freedom to easily leave

    Having got to know the person you are in a relationship with, you come to realise whether or not this is the long term relationship that you want to continue in. Cohabiting couples have the freedom to leave at any point without the rigmarol or stress of divorce.


  • May get sick of each other

    During the “honeymoon” period moving in together may feel like a tempting suggestion but spending too much time together can take its toll and progress to feelings of suffocation. Otherwise potentially successful relationships can self destruct if progression is forced too early.

  • Expect marriage

    Moving in together for many people, just means a step closer to marriage. This can lead to disappointment when the steps towards marriage don’t happen. Some people can be satisfied with cohabiting if they feel that the relationship is working and progressing in a way which they are comfortable with.

  • Won’t find out everything

    Even though living together does demonstrate the general living habits of a partner, it cannot give you a full insight into their character if they are resistant in revealing it. Some couples can be together for many years before they feel that they have seen their partner’s true colours and marriages can break down after many decades. Therefore, it can be argued that cohabitation before marriage is pointless.

  • Lessens excitement of marriage

    Many still respect the sanctity of marriage and hold the matrimonials in high regard. Living together can be fun but when you enter into marriage you will have a ring on your finger and a change of name but what else will you have gained? The excitement of marriage can be reduced when you realise that after the big day you will be going back to the same home and the same life you lived prior to getting married.

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