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Our comprehensive Solicitor Service will provide you with your Cohabitation Agreement Completed for you by a qualified Solicitor after a FREE Consultation. This gives you the chance to discuss any queries you have with a legal professional before receiving your Solicitor Drafted Agreement.

You will even have the option to arrange a further consultation with the Solicitor assigned to your case, after receiving the agreement, should you have any further questions.. There are no loopholes and you’ll get the service for a fraction of the High St price. This service is a fast and stress-free solution to your Cohabitation Agreement.

Our Solicitor Package includes the following benefits:

  • FREE Support – help and advice on any related subject via email or over the phone
  • FREE Updates - notification of law changes or requirements
  • FREE Guide - The Essential Guide to Cohabitation Agreements (worth £19.99)
  • Discounted Will (Just £10) - show loved ones they will be provided for
  • GUARANTEE - no-quibble, 100% money back guarantee
  • Your Cohabitation Agreement Completed For You – fast and stress-free
  • Solicitor Drafted Agreement – no loopholes, for a fraction of the High St price
  • FREE Consultation with a Solicitor – discuss any queries you have with a professional

You don’t need a court appearance, you won’t need to fill in complicated legal forms, and you won’t have to understand solicitor’s jargon. All you need are your personal details and a few minutes of your time. You can have your Cohabitation Agreement sent to you by email

Preview Our Questionnaire

To automatically produce a completed Cohabitation Agreement you only need to fill in a simple online questionnaire.

Click on [ help ] for an explanation of how to answer the relevant question.

Below is an example of our simple, easy-to-use questionnaire:

What is the name of the first party? [ help ]
What is the address of the first party? [ help ]
What is the name of the second party? [ help ]

You can complete the questionnaire in minutes or simply click the ‘save’ button and return to complete it at your own pace and in your own time.

Once you have filled in the questionnaire the information is instantly copied into a legally-binding Cohabitation Agreement document ready for you to download immediately to your desktop or have sent to you by email.

Compare our Prices and Services with Other Online Cohabitation Agreement Providers

You only want to make one Cohabitation Agreement, so choose the highest quality, most comprehensive, value-for-money online solution available in the UK. Compare other leading services and their prices:

Services High Street
Solicitor Divorce
Completed Online x x x x
Supervised Solicitor
x x x
FREE Phone Support x x 9am – 9pm x 9am – 9pm
FREE Updates x x x x x
FREE Consultation x x x x x
FREE eBook x x x
Discounted Will(s) x x x
Guarantee x x x x
Costs £1000+ £350.00 £75.00 £46.06 £97

You can see from the above comparison chart that Cohabitation Agreement UK offers The UK's Premier Service. Cohabitation Agreement UK are an expert online legal service - having considerably fewer overheads than a high-street solicitor - this keeps costs down to a minimum, allowing savings to be passed on to you, the customer.

See What You Can Save By Using Us

A High Street solicitor may charge:

  • Solicitor Fees (incl. VAT) £1121.25
  • £300 court fees
  • Total Costs £1421.25

Compare the cost of our Cohabitation Agreement:

  • Our Cohabitation Agreement: £97
  • No court fees required
  • Total Costs £97

That’s a TOTAL SAVING OF £1324.25 when using our service!

PLUS – Buy any of our Cohabitation Agreement options by credit or debit card now and we’ll give you a new Will for just £10 (normally) £39 with FREE updates for life.

ALSO – Receive “The Essential Guide to Cohabitation Agreements” by Jayne McGill (normally £19.99)


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