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A Cohabitation Agreement clarifies your financial responsibilities and gives you and your partner peace of mind, security and more time to concentrate on enjoying your relationship. Both of our specialist services provide you with:

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  • 50 years experience of family law
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With our complete Solicitor Managed Service, you can have your simple-to-follow; professionally-completed and concisely-written Cohabitation Agreement downloaded straight to your desktop. There are no tedious or confusing legal forms, just answer a few simple questions and we will draft your agreement.

Four years ago we had the initiative to make our service available online. Since then we have drafted Cohabitation Agreements to thousands of satisfied customers. No other online service can provide such a high quality in such efficient timing and for such a reasonable price.

Don't get caught up in damaging domestic disputes that may cause your relationship to suffer. Move into your new happier life with your partner, without any stress or expense.

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